Smartphone and Security: Money Apps

Is your phone safe place to keep your money?

Smartphone and Security: Money Apps

Many of our daily tasks were taken over by our phones. Waking up with alarm from phone, reading news and checking social media notifications while still in bed, maybe even exercising after leaving the same bed because your training app told you to. And that covers what, first 30 minutes of your day? Listing the next 1410 minutes would be waste of time but safe bet would be it also consists of many activities on the smartphone.

Using messaging apps, for instance, is supported and praised by most people, however, not all of our phone tasks are that well talked upon. While some people are freely sharing their addresses on Facebook, some of us are still refusing apps that require any more personal or sensitive information, especially money involving, such as credit or debit cards info. More people are making payments by phone and using various money-involving apps. What are those and is it really a good idea?

Internet Banking

If you have bank account in modern institution, most likely your bank has an app by now. Transferring payments, checking your balance, paying the bills – it is all more simple and effective because of them. It might seem freaky to be able to see your incomes and expenses after one touch on the screen of your phone but unless it makes you cry (don’t blame app for that though), it is pretty convenient.


You can keep a track of your incomes and expenses on your bank app but budgeting can be done even more easily with apps precisely for this purpose. You can connect budget apps with your bank accounts and information about your payments will be synchronized to your budget diary. There you can add additional info: what you spent the money for, is it exceeding your planned expenses, did you spend more money this week or last one or anything you might be personally interested in.

Paying by Phone

If you already discovered perks of online shopping, you probably also discovered the joys of online payments. But since more internet action is transferring to app stores, online shops and services included, so do they payment options. Multiple billing methods, such as boku and zimpler, found their way to your phone and it is easier than ever to pay for your software subscriptions, apps or occasional slot machine game.

Earning Money

Freelancing is one of the most difficult job options out there, no matter the actual profession, because you need to constantly keep an eye for new projects and job offers. That’s why most of online platforms, for example or UpWork, have mobile apps. You might just scroll through the feed of new jobs and apply for some during your morning commute.

So, is it a good idea? I wouldn’t suggest getting apps that have 100 downloads, 10 bad reviews and a rating of 1. However, ignoring a treasure of apps developed to make your life easier is crazy because of some bad apples that will steal your money. No pun intended. Add some antivirus, use strong passwords and make sure to protect your mobile, and you’ll be all set to enjoy the perks of billion-app-world we live in!

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