Staying Safe Online – Payments Editon

Phone security is essential

Staying Safe Online – Payments Editon

We have recently discussed several ways of protecting your mobile device. This particular article has raised a bit of a stir here. If you have missed the discussion, it began when someone asked us to elaborate on mobile safety when you use your phone for payments in a variety of services.

We asked you to tell us what do you use your mobile phone to play for, and here is what your top 3 answers were:

  1. Hotel and plane tickets like
  2. Gambling like
  3. Making bank transfers

Smartphone as a wallet – keep safe

Remember that big legal case when the FBI wanted to get Apple’s internal code to be able to unlock iPhones? There was thing big debate whether they should or shouldn’t get it. In the meantime, hackers managed to crack the iPhone in a few hours.

Because they don’t follow any rules. They don’t have to. That’s why we have to emphasize that no way is 100% safe. Always be prepared for the worst – maybe you will lose your phone, maybe you will forget your passcode, maybe the casino you play at will be hacked.

Always keep that in mind and do not enter the information you are not required. Also, always have a emergency notepad where you keep important phone numbers, security questions, etc. in case you need to freeze your debit card or anything in that regard.

Play Casino Games Safe

If you like to play casino games on your mobile, you must learn how to keep yourself safe. Start with ensuring that you play in proven casinos. has a handy list of sites that have superb feedback from players.

Add additional layers of security. Talk to your bank, ask them to send you messages when a transaction is made from your account. Or, if it is available, ask them to send you messages before a transaction. You might need to confirm every single transaction which may seem like a hassle. And it may cost a few additional bucks each month which may seem like an unnecessary expense. But remember, this is how you pay for your safety.

Although, having said that, it is also important to note that casinos online never get hacked. Most of the time when a payment is put on hold it is because the player tried to do something
illegal like use multiple accounts. Of course there are some shady sites out there but if you play on tested sites and do not try to scam the casino, you should be completely safe as is.

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